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We believe in the fundamental importance of accepting Leadership as a profound responsibility and sacred trust to those we lead – not by title or authoritative use of power – but by developing the right Mindset and Commitment to be a good Leader. We believe that the development of Character, Core Virtues, and Values are foundational.

(10 Module – 20 - Hour)

I have other certifications as a coach, consultant, or trainer; and now want to specialize in leadership development

(18 Module – 36 - Hour)

I have no formal education in leadership, but now want to apply my executive experience to building better leaders

“We recognize that there are seasoned Leaders across the public and private sector, in Civil Society, Education, Health Care, Sports and Culture, the Protective/Military Services, or elsewhere who have never attained an MBA or a formal Masters’ Degree in Leadership Studies. But we know that you have earned “PHD status” (through Pride, Hustle, and Determination) from the U. of R.L. (the University of Real Life).
A lack of academic credentialing should never prevent anyone from giving back to her/his community. With a little more foundational knowledge, and some added technical skills to help you impart this lived experience; the Global Alliance of Professional Leadership Development wants to welcome you into this $450 Billion/year industry in Building Better Leaders for the 21st Century.”             
Dale W. Botting
Founder, GAPLD
Become Certified as a Professional in the Development of Better Leaders

Welcome to the PROFESSION of Building Executive Leaders

We are a privately-owned Corporation and Brand (under Botting Leadership Inc.) with Global Headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada. GAPLD delivers training and certification to only those select and pre-qualified applicants who are dedicated to the PROFESSION OF BUILDING BETTER LEADERS. 


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As a Community of Practice dedicated to life-long learning and upgrading, GAPLD is committed to the provision of added Conferences, Upgrading Workshops, and other ongoing networking and training events.