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We believe in the fundamental importance of accepting Leadership as a profound responsibility and sacred trust to those we lead – not by title or authoritative use of power – but by developing the right Mindset and Commitment to be a good Leader. We believe that the development of Character, Core Virtues, and Values are foundational.

For established and active Leaders who view Leadership as their Profession, and have the humility and hunger for continuous growth and networking through fellowship among Leaders.

For professional coaches, trainers or mentors now ready to step up and transform larger organizational structures, and to embrace Leadership as a Calling and not just another title or position.

Building One GOOD Leader at a Time

Dale W. Botting
Founder, GAPLD
Become Certified as a Professional in the Development of Better Leaders

Welcome to the PROFESSION of Building Executive Leaders

We are a privately-owned Corporation and Brand (under Botting Leadership Inc.) with Global Headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada. GAPLD delivers training and certification to only those select and pre-qualified applicants who are dedicated to the PROFESSION OF BUILDING BETTER LEADERS. 


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As a Community of Practice dedicated to life-long learning and upgrading, GAPLD is committed to the provision of added Conferences, Upgrading Workshops, and other ongoing networking and training events.