About Global Alliance For Professional Leadership Development


We are a privately-owned Corporation and Brand (under Botting Leadership Inc.) with Global Headquarters in Saskatoon, Canada. GAPLD delivers training and certification to only those select and pre-qualified applicants who are dedicated to the Profession Of Building Better Leaders. 

Our Two Approaches

We are developing a Global Network and Ongoing Training System for two categories of Professionals wanting to build better executive leaders.

The Process

GAPLD believes that anyone who goes to “Leadership School” – or pays for an executive coach or trainer – should get what they pay for. We strongly believe in the PROFESSIONAL Development of Leaders, through a very purposeful pedagogy with logical, sequential, expansive, and cumulative theory and practice – and with high and consistent ethical standards.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Founder, Dale Botting, was also the founder of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance of Canada (PBCA Canada). He continues to be a longstanding Associate of PBCA Canada and PBCA Global/USA. But GAPLD does not focus exclusively on only “business” or only on “coaching”. 

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Faculty + Founder