Building Better Leaders

Two Ways To Become Part Of The Leadership Development Industry

We are developing a Global Network and Ongoing Training System for two categories of Professionals wanting to build better executive leaders:

  1. For very seasoned and established owners of an ongoing professional business practice, and who are existing, fee-for service Coaches, Management and HR Consultants, Adult Education Specialists/Trainers, Facilitators, Mentors, and other Strategic Advisors that now want to further specialize in Executive Talent Development and Growth of Leaders.

  2. For corporate talent development specialists in larger Organizations, Enterprises, Government, and other Institutions that are in-house executives or in C-Suites with major responsibilities for Strategy, Culture, and/or Organizational Succession. 

(10 Module – 20 - Hour)

I have other certifications as a coach, consultant, or trainer; and now want to specialize in leadership development

(18 Module – 35 - Hour)

I have no formal education in leadership, but now want to apply my executive experience to building better leaders

Our Programs

We believe in the fundamental importance of accepting Leadership as a profound responsibility and sacred trust to those we lead – not by title or authoritative use of power – but by developing the right Mindset and Commitment to be a good Leader. We believe that the development of Character, Core Virtues, and Values are foundational.