Our Community of Professionals in Leadership Development


Everyone who graduates and becomes Certified under the GAPLD Program must abide by a Statement of Ethics and a Code of Professional Conduct. “BEING PROFESSIONAL” MEANS MAKING A COMMITMENT to the acceptance of responsibility, life-long learning, and a generosity of spirit and voluntary service to our professional colleagues, our local communities, and to all those whom we serve. 

In the last portion of formalized training under “THE 10-20 PROGRAM” (Episode #10), we talk about the importance of keeping updated through Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). GAPLD has its own Registrar of Professionalism and Ethics who will track and monitor the ongoing professional growth of all GAPLD members. To maintain annual status as a Certified Professional Leadership Developer (CPLD), each GAPLD member MUST earn at least 15 CEU’s or points per year, which is based on a Professionalism Points Formula that is periodically adjusted and includes such categories/events/activities as:

leadership professional development
  • Attendance at added GAPLD Professional Upgrading Workshops (mostly two-hour sessions and delivered online),
  • Attendance at larger GAPLD Conferences or “Pop Up” Professional Events, 
  • Consistent participation and engagement in other GAPLD networking/discussions,  
  • Philanthropic giving back of our Members’ professional Leadership Development knowledge and skills through pro bono coaching, workshops, etc. to community-based Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations desirous of enhancing their Leadership Capacity, and
  • Attendance at other approved, third party courses delivered by other credible organizations or other approved events offered by our Professional Affiliate Partners. 

For example, our Professional Registrar may confirm a Member has more than met their minimum 15 CEU’s/year for continuing Professional Status by attending at least two other 2-hour Workshops provided by GAPLD (2 x 3 point each) + participation in our Annual Conference (6 points) + attendance at a related Affiliate event (3 points) + giving back some pro bono coaching or training services to support a Civil Society Organization in the member’s local community (another 3 points). 

Welcome to Our Professional Community

Once graduated and certified, all GAPLD Members will be given password-protected access to a vast digital Library on both the expanding Knowledge and Content of Leadership, and on the Professional Processes, Exercises, and Tools for Developing Leaders (i.e., over 1,000 + sample training decks, other hand outs, background readings, etc.). Specifically, our GAPLD Digital Library is organized in Four Major Sections:

  1. A library room of added knowledge on Leadership Character, Commitment/Mindset and on hundreds of specific Leadership Competencies;
  2. A library room of curated process skills, exercises, program activities and optional delivery mechanisms on working in the profession of developing Leaders;
  3. A library room of business consulting tips and tools on how to market, sell, and operate a Leadership Development Consulting Business; and
  4. A library room of ideas on how to establish and operate in-house Corporate Leadership Development Programs as ongoing “Leadership Engines” within an organization.

Each new GAPLD Member will also be connected to an Online Forum or 24/7 Chat Room for Developer-to-Developer collaboration and information sharing. In addition, GAPLD Members will be regularly linked together through an exclusive Newsletter called “Building Better Leaders”, which will be distributed at least 8 times/year. Various excerpts from high profile authors, new book summaries, contributing articles from Members, and other announcements will be part of these regular updates sent across your new “Community of Professional Practice.” In addition, each new GAPLD Member will be assigned “a Professional L.D. Mentor”, plus be encouraged to network and assemble (via ZOOM or teleconference) on a once per month basis to receive various forms of peer support, ongoing professional development, and the upkeep and maintenance of various CEU’s. 

All graduates will also be invited to an Annual GAPLD Conference – either held virtually/online during current pandemic conditions, or preferably, at an interesting Destination Conference Site/Resort after the lifting of current travel restrictions (Southwest USA in the Winter and in Canada in the early Summer or Fall). Where possible, there will also be various “Pop Up Events” or Mini-Conferences, often “piggy-backed” with other partnering organizations and professional Affiliates at other times during each year. 

A first-year Membership in the Global Alliance for Professional Leadership Development is essentially “free of charge”, as it is included in the course tuition for all Program trainees. Annual payment of dues to continue as Members in our professional organization are deliberately held at an exceptionally low rate of only $250 USD/year or $300 CDN. This is because we strongly promote our graduates to sustain and hold multiple certifications with both GAPLD and their various, other certifying professions. 

As a Community of Practice dedicated to life-long learning and upgrading, GAPLD is committed to the provision of added Conferences, Upgrading Workshops, and other ongoing networking and training events. These will be either exclusively offered only for GAPLD MembersOR in the case of some Professional Development Workshops open to both Members and Non-Members – these Sessions will always be priced at special discount rates for Members, generally at only $250 USD for each CEU-based Leadership Development Workshop (or about half the price as compared to Non-Members). Schedules and summary descriptions of each Professional Upgrading Workshop will be published as a regular feature of every GAPLD Newsletter to Members. Opportunities for continuous learning will be every month of the year. (See Appendix C for the list of added Workshops planned for 2021/22). 

As A First Step In Joining Our Profession, Send Us A Note

As a first step, GAPLD requires potential candidates to submit a personal Biography and Letter of Application explaining his/her background, leadership experiences, and proof of pre-qualifying credentials from other professional certifications or background university degrees with training in leadership studies.