Executive Leadership Programs

Gapld Workshops Offered For Follow Up Ceu’s In 2021

  • Leadership Cognition and Better Decision Making
  • Strategic Thinking Skills for Leaders 
  • Fundamentals of Positive Psychology
  • The Art of Deliberately Designing and Changing Your Corporate Culture
  • An Overview of Various Methods for Strategic Planning and Implementation
  • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Organizational Succession Planning as a Special LD Assignment
  • Social Innovation, Social Enterprise, and How to Assist Organizations in Becoming a More Enterprising Non-Profit 
  • Cultivating Higher Emotional Intelligence 
  • Delivering a Communication Bootcamp to Your Leadership Clients and Their Teams
  • Transcendent Leadership: Taking Leaders to the Highest Level


  • Each of the above workshops are generally 2 hours in length.
  • Most will be offered online but may also be presented LIVE or at Mini-Conferences or as part of the Annual GAPLD Conference for Members.  
  • Each Workshop = 3 CEU’s and includes extensive background materials, tools, hand-outs, and added Summary Reading List.

$250.00 USD (or $325.00 CDN)

As A First Step In Joining Our Profession, Send Us A Note

As a first step, GAPLD requires potential candidates to submit a personal Biography and Letter of Application explaining his/her background, leadership experiences, and proof of pre-qualifying credentials from other professional certifications or background university degrees with training in leadership studies.