The Profession of Building Better Leaders

What Makes Us Different?

Our Founder, Dale Botting, was also the founder of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance of Canada (PBCA Canada). He continues to be a longstanding Associate of PBCA Canada and PBCA Global/USA. But GAPLD does not focus exclusively on only “business” or only on “coaching”. 

All candidates wanting to become professionals in Leadership Development are carefully screened before consideration as ready and eligible for GAPLD training, and ready to receive our added level of specialized Certification. We will not accept any applicant who has never had extensive and direct experience in senior leadership positions. Also, we are not an organization for individuals just wanting to start a new leadership training or B-to-B consulting business. We will encourage such individuals to first gain their basic education and/or entry-level entrepreneurship and sales training from many other Affiliate Partners, Associations, or Academia. 

GAPLD does not attempt to replicate training on the enormous volume of technical knowledge and skill testing provided by background organizations like the PBCA, CHPA, SHRM, etc. However, the Profession of Leadership Development does require a good working knowledge of numerous human resource management, finance, project management, business planning, strategy, marketing, sales, and other operational skills. 

But the critical difference is that GAPLD will concentrate your focus on the Art and the Science of BUILDING BETTER LEADERS inside all types and categories of organizations. Our Alliance of professionals are trained to practice many other skills BEYOND EXECUTIVE AND BUSINESS COACHING. 


GAPLD trains, certifies, and supports an ongoing Community of Professional Practice that continually strives to sharpen such skill sets as: 

  • Group Presentation and Public Speaking.
  • Effective Facilitation Techniques.
  • Proper and Professional Use of Multiple Forms of Psychometrics and Diagnostic Instruments.
  • Delivery of Feedback Intensive Programs (FIP’s, such as use of 360 Reviews, Pulse Surveys, etc.)
  • Added Skills on rapid literature search and review, professional report writing, and clear and concise composition. 
  • Strategic Thinking and Strategic Planning Processes (by providing dozens of added tools).
  • Deliberative Planning and Application of Experiential Learning in Leadership Development – such as the design of special “Stretch Assignments”, collaborative experience in Special Project Management, being tested through various “Crucible Experiences”, engagement in various Simulations, various Role Plays, etc.
  • Application of Design Thinking, Biomimicry, and Biomimetics to Leadership Challenges.
  • Techniques and Processes to Establish In-House Leadership Academies, formalized Mentoring Programs, Executive Team Retreats, and Leadership Mastermind Groups.
  • Effective One-on-One Mentoring Techniques and Practices.
  • AND the Art and the Science of Effective LEADERSHIP Coaching. 

As A First Step In Joining Our Profession, Send Us A Note

As a first step, GAPLD requires potential candidates to submit a personal Biography and Letter of Application explaining his/her background, leadership experiences, and proof of pre-qualifying credentials from other professional certifications or background university degrees with training in leadership studies.