The Profession of Building Better Leaders

What Makes Us Different?

  • Takes Leadership through the Four-Level; Inside-Out Approach
  • Emphasis on Leadership Character
  • Promotes Leaders who are Committed to a Unique “Leadership Contract”
  • Extends Concepts of Self-Leadership to Self-Transcendence, Love, and Spiritual Meaning
  • Provides Unique and Value-added Emphasis on Leadership Succession, Community Engagement, and Introduction to Leadership of Governing Boards
  • Adds Emphasis on Leadership Ethics, Morality, plus Community & Global Responsibility as a Citizen and Species on our Planet

As you enter the GAPLD community, you will also be introduced to other unique perspectives, not likely to be found in most other programs:

  • We view Leadership as a dedicated Profession, and not as just another course of study.


  • We believe that Leadership is a “hero’s journey”, that should grow from increasing levels of personal, team, and organizational effectiveness to attaining significance and making a moral difference.


  • We believe that leadership should never be defined or confined by “Success Psychology” or other shallow techniques of Self-Improvement (or Self-Absorption). Leadership is about stewardship, personal sacrifice, giving back to the world, and a transcendence that goes well beyond personal ego or power by title. 


  • Finally, we believe that 21st Century leadership will require new and emerging concepts of adaptive intelligence, navigating through uncertainty, inter-connectedness, and a return to the fundamental virtues of character and moral fiber. 

As a first step in becoming a Professional in Leadership, send us a note

As a first step, GAPLD requires potential candidates to submit a personal Biography and Letter of Application explaining his/her background, leadership experiences, and proof of pre-qualifying credentials from other professional certifications or background university degrees with training in leadership studies.