Criteria & Screening Process

Our Criteria

The Global Alliance for Professional Leadership Development (GAPLD) believes that an ability to build executive leaders – either as a consultant or by running in-house programs – requires more than just a background knowledge of “Leadership Studies”. To properly build executive leaders, we strongly believe that every developer should have matured through their own leadership journey in the trenches and met their own leadership challenges “in the real world”. 

We are rapidly developing an impressive Global Network of colleagues coming from many diverse backgrounds. The Global Alliance of Professionals in Leadership Development is:

  • For established and active Leaders who view Leadership as their Profession, and have the humility and hunger for continuous growth and networking through fellowship among Leaders; or
  • For other seasoned and accomplished Leaders who now want to give back as trainers, coaches, and mentors by specializing in Executive Talent Development, and to advancing professionalism within the global leadership industry.
  • For aspiring Managers now ready to step up and transform larger organizational structures, and to embrace Leadership as a Calling and not just another title or position; or

For Leaders “coming From The Trenches”, That Now Want To Share And Give Back Their Hard-earned Knowledge And Experiences

As a first step in becoming a Professional in Leadership, send us a note

As a first step, GAPLD requires potential candidates to submit a personal Biography and Letter of Application explaining his/her background, leadership experiences, and proof of pre-qualifying credentials from other professional certifications or background university degrees with training in leadership studies.